We want to THANK YOU!

Dear First Responder-

Thank you for your service to the community. The Yeatman Team has several connections to the First Responder Community. 

Let me start with my story. My father was a fireman in Washington, DC. I think my childhood was normal because I didn't know anything different. The reality was my dad missed a lot of family dinners, school plays, and my sporting events. The spouse of a first responder has to pick up a lot of the slack and my mom did a great job. Parties and as many activies as possible were planned around dad's work schedule.

It's not until I got older that I really understood the danger first responders face. I was luckier than today's kids in a way. We did not have instant access to the news and aften learned about events after they happened and there was a resloution. Today kids hear about emergency situations as they are unfolding. I can't imagine how I would have handled that. 

I don't think I actually thanked my father for his sacrifice until after 911. I think the whole world saw first responders differently after that. We saw brave heroes run INTO danger to help strangers. We saw great acts of courage. And we saw death. It was a wake up call. All first responders had to face a new enemy now.

Now in his 80's my dad regularly attends Guns and Hoses meetings. I realize how much of my father's identity was associated with his profession. I also see the bond that is never broken between the co-workers. They shared experiences that no one else can comprehend. 

So, there is my story in a nutshell. Why does this matter to you?

I consider myself to be a good Realtor. I am smart and I am shrewd. I feel that by serving First Responders and fighting on their behalf is an honor and a tribute I can give to my dad. 

The agents on my team all have their own stories and reasons for wanting to help first responders. No matter who you choose to work with on The Yeatman Team rest assured you will be treated with RESPECT. We work hard to make sure you know all your options and benefits so you and your family can live the American Dream.




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The Yeatman Team has lender recommendations for our First Responder clients. Our recommendations are based on those vendors that RESPECT and fight for the best deals, like we do. Need a referral? Just ask.


he┬Ěro 'hiro noun 1. a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.






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