Dallas is on the rise, but the suburbs remain the kingmakers of North Texas. And why shouldn’t they be? Crime is lower in most of the suburbs than it was in 2012, the last time we did this ranking, and home values are up. In fact, only one suburb—Hickory Creek—saw a home value depreciation. It was, coincidentally, the suburb with the highest appreciation in 2012.

Suburbs nationwide have outpaced many of their big-city counterparts in terms of growth. In 2013, only 18 of the 51 largest metro areas in the country experienced greater growth in the city over their suburbs. And the latest census figures show greater growth in Texas suburbs than any other place in the country.

And so we turn our time and talents once again to ranking 63 North Texas towns. Which came out on top? Which sank to the bottom? And where does your community fall on the list? Sort by any of the columns below, and click on any of the suburb names to learn much more detail. Dallas is included for reference purposes only. If it were ranked, it would fall between Nos. 40 and 41 on the list.